specialises in supporting schools to create and communicate pastoral data to relevant stakeholders in the school community. We help you praise students through the use of electronic postcards, give out and keep track of rewards, set and track sanctions, and monitor students on report all through our online system. The system is extremely flexible and can be completely customised to meet your needs; you can use whichever parts of the service that work for your school.

Electronic Postcards

Sincere and genuine praise can be extremely powerful in motivating students to continue working hard. That's why we developed electronic postcards which can be sent either through your existing MIS (depending on the MIS) or directly in the system. You have complete control over when these are emailed to students. Usually, schools ask an administrator to use the edit all feature to check postcards before sending. Students and parents receive an email from us with the postcard attached.

By default, electronic postcards have a simple "Great Work" message and thumbs up image.

However, most schools choose to customise the electronic postcards with the school logo and their own image: often updated on a regular basis to showcase a student's artwork or to feature well known paintings or photographs.

Student Bulletins

Lots of schools email round a summary of pastoral concerns which arise during the course of the week. simplifies this process by allowing heads of year to add bulletin messages to individual students for their year group. Our system then produces a personalised summary for individual teachers so they only see information which is relevant to them. This helps teachers by reducing the time they spend reading emails and means they have that information in a convenient place to refer back to.


Rewards can be recorded either through the system or using your school's MIS. These are then summarised in a number of ways to be useful in different contexts. Depending on your schools settings you can have: a weekly summary email to parents; a live tutor group view for use by form tutors; a live departmental view for use by heads of department; and a live year group view for use by heads of year.

Like everything else in the system, rewards can be completely customised to meet your school's needs.

Raffle Draws

Raffle draws can be a really effective way of making your reward system more motivating. Any postive behaviour event can form the basis of a raffle draw. Simply select the starting date, the type of event and whether or not you would like to filter the events by a department. The system then selects a winner at random with a neat animation building tension.


The system tries to promote praise in the form of electronic postcards and rewards but we recognise that there are lots of times when sanctions are appropriate too. We incorporate sanctions data in our student summaries, alongside the merits data, and also give the option to have notifications emailed to parents as well. If you decide to have this setting enabled, there may be some pupils for whom this is not appropriate; you can therefore select the "Do Not Contact" option for these pupils to prevent their parents from being contacted. You can also provide an alternative contact from within your school or academy trust, usually a key worker, so that they are kept up to date and can communicate any issues in a more personal way.


There are two ways to create certificates on . They can either be generated automatically based on the number of events of a particular behaviour type. For example, you could generate certificates for any student who has received more than 50 merits since the beginning of the year. Alternatively, you can generate certificates by uploading a list of students who should receive the certificate. This can be useful for things like attendance certificates. Certificates can then be downloaded and printed or emailed out to students and parents in an electronic format.

Certificates are fully customisable so they appear exactly as you want them to.

Student Reports

When combinations of electronic postcards, merits and detentions aren't working, you may like to monitor certain students more closely for a period of time. Our reports system does away with the need for paper reports and provides an easily accessible way for teachers to give feedback about how a student has managed during a lesson. You can use the reports however you like, all you need to do is specify the length of the report and the number of lessons in a day. Most schools have a number of tiers of pastoral report, as well as subject reports and uniform reports.

To help keep parents updated, the member of staff managing the report, for example the form tutor, can email home a copy of the report with the click of a button. This can be as often or as infrequently as required.

Coming soon

We are continually reviewing our service and looking for ways to improve. If there is a feature you would like to have which we don't currently offer then let us know; we're adding new features all the time and often add features at the request of partner schools.

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