Postcard package

Postcards are one of the best bits of which is why we have set up our postcard packages to allow schools who don't need the full functionality of our standard package to make use of them. To compare the features of our different packages, click here. On average, schools send several hundred postcards per week which are emailed to students and parents in PDF form.

Postcards can be created quickly and easily through the system. This means teachers simply have to select the students they would like to send an electronic postcard to and write the message they would like to send. The whole process of creating a postcard can be completed in less than a minute (we've checked). It also works well on mobile devices so postcards can be created on the go.

By default, electronic postcards have a simple "Great Work" message and thumbs up image.

However, most schools choose to customise the electronic postcards with the school logo and their own image. This can be updated as often as you like to showcase a student's artwork or to feature well known paintings or photographs. You can also have a different postcard design for each year group.

Within classes, form groups and year groups, you can use the raffle draw feature in which each postcard a student has received represents a virtual raffle ticket. This allows you to recognise your students' achievements in a manageable way. For school leaders, the system also allows you to analyse the postcard data at a class, year group and department level.

We have three different postcard packages:

  • Department package: this allows up to 10 users in a department to create and send postcards through the site. Students are uploaded to the site via CSV and users added manually.
  • Bolt-on package: this package allows teachers to create postcards in your existing behaviour management system which are then imported into before being sent. This means you can get up and running quickly with only a small number of staff interacting directly with our site. Currently this package is compatible with GO 4 Schools and Arbor only.
  • Postcard package: this allows user accounts for all members of staff at your school. We import the information we need from your school's MIS (through our integration partner Wonde) to create user accounts for staff, the groups that staff teach and to get contact information for students.

Interested? Complete our enquiry form here and someone from the team will get in touch to discuss your needs and to arrange a demonstration.